Title Published Date
Four civilians injured in terrorist rocket attack in Hama Countryside 14 November 2017
New US-led raids leave 16 civilians dead in eastern Syria 13 November 2017
Syrian army finds large amount of explosives, chemical weapons in Dayr al-Zawr 08 November 2017
Daesh on verge of final collapse in Iraq, Syria after losing last major cities 07 November 2017
Syrian army fully liberates DeirEzzor city from ISIS 05 November 2017
Army inflicts heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor 02 November 2017
Over 13 million Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance: UN 02 November 2017
Syrian forces retake three districts in Dayr al-Zawr from Daesh 02 November 2017
19 abducted civilians from Idleb freed 31 October 2017
Syrian Army continues advance towards al-Bokmal city 30 October 2017
Syria forces liberate new areas around Dayr al-Zawr from Daesh grips 30 October 2017
More than 1,100 children in Syria's Ghouta suffer from malnutrition: UNICEF 25 October 2017
Syrian army troops, allies liberate central town in Homs from Daesh 23 October 2017
Syrian Army advances towards Khasham, clashes with ISIS in Deir Ezzor 21 October 2017
Armed groups target Salhab in Hama with two rocket shells 17 October 2017
Over 1,000 ISIS terrorists have crossed Iraqi border to Syria 15 October 2017
2 killed, 6 injured as triple attacks hit Damascus police HQ 12 October 2017
Map update: Syrian Army reopens Sukhnah-Deir Ezzor highway, seizes half of ISIS capital city 10 October 2017
Daesh militants fleeing from Iraq, Syria create new threat in South-Eastern Asia 05 October 2017
Hundreds of families come back to their houses in Flitta village after terrorism eliminated 05 October 2017

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