Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Saudi forces raid Shia-populated city in Qatif, kill civilian 11 May 2017
HRW: UN forum in Saudi slap in the face for persecuted activists 10 May 2017
Saudi forces raid Shia home in Awamiyah, arrest three family members 09 May 2017
Saudi Arabia must reform 'unacceptably broad' counter-terrorism law – UN rights expert 09 May 2017
Germany’s Merkel tells Saudis to stop war on Yemen as arms sales go on 03 May 2017
Saudi war on Yemen may put 4.5 million Yemeni children out of school: UNICEF 19 April 2017
Thousands take part in anti-Saudi protests in Yemen’s Sana’a 18 April 2017
First Shia woman on trial in Saudi Arabia over protests 13 April 2017
Over 40 killed amid clashes, airstrikes in southwest Yemen 12 April 2017
Saudi warplanes attack civilian targets in Yemen, kill five 11 April 2017
UN experts warn Saudi Arabia against demolition of Shia neighborhood 09 April 2017
Saudi Criminal Court sentences a number of people to jail and whipping for performing religious rituals 06 April 2017
ASWJterrorists funded by Libya, Saudi Arabia against Shia Muslims 05 April 2017
Report: UK police may probe Saudi war crimes 05 April 2017
Report: Saudi Arabia still seeking nuclear weapons capability 04 April 2017
Saudi air raid leaves 10 civilians dead in Yemen's Sa’ada 30 March 2017
Saudi jets bomb northwestern Yemen with banned munitions 29 March 2017
UK activists call for end to Saudi war on Yemen 28 March 2017
UN refuses Saudi-led coalition calls for supervision of Yemen port 22 March 2017
Yemenis protest in Sana’a against ongoing Saudi aggression 21 March 2017

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