Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Quran in Braille gifted to the blind association in Yemen 21 April 2016
Saudi Arabia used US cluster bombs in Yemen market attacks 16 April 2016
Entry Visa for Masjid al-Haram’s imam denied 05 April 2016
Saudi Arabia bans the Adhan in Shia mosques 04 April 2016
Saudi security forces executed a young Shia and kept his body for four weeks 03 April 2016
Six children killed, maimed daily in Yemen since Saudi air strikes began 31 March 2016
Saudi conflict in Yemen has averaged 113 casualties per day 31 March 2016
Amnesty Urges US, UK to Halt Arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen War 24 March 2016
Saudi Arabia to fire 35,000 Yemenis from mobile sector jobs 23 March 2016
Both sides agree on ceasefire in Yemen 22 March 2016
Fake missiles at London's Downing St. in Saudi arms sale protest 21 March 2016
Saudi jets carry out several airstrikes in Yemen 16 March 2016
Saudi security forces confirm arresting person in charge for the Ahsaa terrorist attack 15 March 2016
Rights groups to Saudis: Don’t execute Shia youths 14 March 2016
Saudi puts 55 people to death, most without trial 08 March 2016
Now read Quran on woodless paper 06 March 2016
UAE deports hundreds of Iraqis, mostly Shia 06 March 2016
Saudi Wahhabi forces severely torture Shia Muslim to death 06 March 2016
New English Translation of Quran Enrages Saudis 06 March 2016
Training course titled "Are Women Human?" raises controversy in Saudi Arabia 06 March 2016

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