Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Grand Ayatollah Sayed SadiqShirazi’s Hajj expedition continues its visits to other Hajj expeditions and receives their representatives (Holy Medina- Saudi Arabia) 25 September 2014
Senior Saudi cleric issues a fatwa prohibiting performing Hajj every year (Hajj) 25 September 2014
Senior Saudi Shia cleric calls Minister of Education to dismantle radical 22 September 2014
Shia pilgrims complain of harassment by Saudi security at the airport 22 September 2014
Saudi Wahhabi authorities arrest a Shia youth from Awwamiyah town 16 September 2014
Saudi Arabia withdraws a syllabus book containing Shia Sheikh's picture on the cover page 13 September 2014
ISIL using Saudi-supplied weapons 13 September 2014
Medad Committee holds a symposium about (Media in the Thought of Imam Shirazi) in Awamiya town 03 September 2014
Saudis demand release of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr 03 September 2014
Saudi Wahhabis decide to destroy Prophet Muhammed's tomb 03 September 2014
Rare artwork featuring Divine Names 02 September 2014
Saudi court upheld a one month sentence and 50 lashes for Saudi woman who criticized morality police 28 August 2014
Saudi Arabia- Solidarity with Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr 28 August 2014
730,000 illiterate women in Saudi Arabia 26 August 2014
Saudi Shias hold anti-regime protest in Qatif 26 August 2014
10 Saudi ISIL terrorists killed in fresh Iraqi army operations 26 August 2014
Human rights violation in Saudi Arabia 18 August 2014
SRW releases its monthly report of anti-Shia violations 02 August 2014
Fire at Grand Mosque in Mecca leaves 14 injured 26 July 2014
Saudi court sentenced a Shia citizen to 7 years in prison 26 July 2014

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