Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Doctors protest sale of Scottish-made bombs to Saudi Arabia calling on UK government to end arms deals 17 October 2016
Adam Center for Defending Human Rights and Freedom condemns deadly attack on Yemeni mourners 09 October 2016
Attack on mourners in Yemen kills more than 140, say local health officials 09 October 2016
UN: Yemenis need urgent aid 06 October 2016
Humanitarian situation worsens as 26 million Yemenis face starvation 04 October 2016
Labor Government to stop Saudi Arabia weapons sales 02 October 2016
Controversial Kuwaiti lawmaker acquitted in latest insult case 02 October 2016
MSF releases report on Saudi-led coalition's attacks on hospitals in Yemen 29 September 2016
Austrian authorities cancel work permits of Saudi school 28 September 2016
Seven civilians killed, several injured in Saudi airstrikes in Yemen’s Ibb 25 September 2016
Despite opposition, US Senate votes to greenlight massive arms sale to Saudis 22 September 2016
Ghadir Khum is the eternal witness on al-Saud’s hate policies 21 September 2016
Ghadir Khum is the eternal witness on al-Saud’s hate policies 21 September 2016
Saudi jets conduct over 65 airstrikes in Yemen 20 September 2016
Medical NGO abandons Yemen due to continuous Saudi airstrikes 10 September 2016
Saudi authorities rebuild private places of the enemies of Ahl al-Bayt 06 September 2016
Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world 06 September 2016
UNESCO Director-General condemns the destruction of Bani Matar Mosque in Yemen 05 September 2016
Conference to define Sunnis in Chechnya excludes Salafists raises anger in Saudi Arabia 04 September 2016
Thirty-nine Ghanaian female Hajj pilgrims repatriated from Saudi Arabia 31 August 2016

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