Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Saudi Shias told to leave Awamiyah or die: Sources 30 July 2017
UN slams Saudi Arabia for turning back oil tankers from Yemeni port 30 July 2017
One killed as Saudi forces shell homes in Shia town 27 July 2017
UN: Yemen grappling with ‘vicious’ combination of worst crises 27 July 2017
Amnesty calls on Saudi Arabia to halt execution of 14 dissenters 26 July 2017
Saudi forces shell Awamiyah and arrest a number of clerics 26 July 2017
UK Government approved Saudi arms deals worth £238m six months after deadly Yemen funeral air strike 25 July 2017
Yemen’s cholera epidemic world’s worst: Oxfam 23 July 2017
Saudi air raid leaves 8 Yemeni fishermen dead, another missing 23 July 2017
Saudi regime forces kill three in Qatif 23 July 2017
Saudi warplanes kill 19 displaced Yemenis in Ta'izz 19 July 2017
Disabled Saudi detainee transferred to solitary confinement for execution 17 July 2017
Saudi Arabia boosting extremism in Europe, says former ambassador 16 July 2017
Reprieve: 14 Saudis face imminent execution for protesting 16 July 2017
Saudi forces kill Three Shia Muslims in Qatif 16 July 2017
Amnesty: Saudi Arabia silence Shia dissent with execution 13 July 2017
The Guardian view on arms to Saudi: Yemen needs peace 13 July 2017
Saudi Arabia executes four in Qatif over terror allegations 13 July 2017
Amnesty UK: Court ruling deadly blow to Yemeni civilians 11 July 2017
ICRC: Yemen cholera outbreak exceeds 300,000 suspected cases 11 July 2017

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