Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Suspected cholera cases in Yemen reach 1 million: ICRC 23 December 2017
Oxfam slams ‘medieval’ Saudi-led blockade 21 December 2017
Fresh Saudi airstrikes leave over dozen civilians dead in Yemen 21 December 2017
Saudi forces kill Shia activist in Qatif 21 December 2017
Saudi airstrikes killed at least 136 in Yemen over 11 days, UN says 20 December 2017
Saudi warplanes attack civilian target in Yemen, kill five civilians 19 December 2017
Saudi warplanes massacre 11 Yemeni women in wedding procession 19 December 2017
Saudi warplanes kill more than 70 people in Yemen 16 December 2017
Denmark bans another Saudi ‘hate preacher’ 14 December 2017
51killed as Saudi warplanes target three Yemeni provinces 14 December 2017
Saudis comprise biggest number of terrorists arrested in Iraq: Report 14 December 2017
24 killed as Saudi warplanes target three Yemeni provinces 14 December 2017
Saudi airstrikes on training base kill 26 people in Yemen’s Hajjah province 11 December 2017
Dozens killed in Saudi airstrikes on northwest Yemen 10 December 2017
Saudi blockade of Yemen cuts fuel lifeline as Riyadh tightens siege 07 December 2017
Saudi jets continue to bomb Sana'a despite calls for humanitarian ceasefire 06 December 2017
Saudi airstrikes kill and injured 11 civilians Yemen’s Saada Province 03 December 2017
UN wants Saudi-led siege on Yemen totally lifted 03 December 2017
Amnesty International urges Greece to scrap Saudi arms sale amid war on Yemen 30 November 2017
Rights group calls for probe into UAE’s war crimes in Yemen 30 November 2017

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