Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Iraq asks Saudi Arabia to replace envoy that riled Shi'ite officials 29 August 2016
Shia rights violation increases as Hajj season begins in Saudi Arabia 27 August 2016
Oxfam: UK, Saudi Arabia violating Arms Trade Treaty 24 August 2016
Saudi Arabia foils attack on Shiite mosque in Qatif 24 August 2016
Arms Watchdog: Stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia over Yemen 23 August 2016
Saudi Arabia hits another school in Yemen 22 August 2016
Kuwaiti authorities ask Interpol to help arrest Shia MP Abdul Hameed Dashti 22 August 2016
Doctors Without Borders withdraws from Yemen, blames Saudi Arabia 20 August 2016
Adam center, a human rights organization, denounced the Saudi attacks targeting civilians and civil institutions 18 August 2016
Bombing of Doctors without Borders Hospital in Yemen Kills at Least 15 16 August 2016
Western Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia under Threat amid Plans to Block US Deal 16 August 2016
UNICEF says 1,121 children killed in Yemen in 15 months 10 August 2016
Saudi Regime demolishes mosque in northeastern Yemen 09 August 2016
Saudi Grand Mufti asks money for war on Yemen 07 August 2016
Chinks in the security plan of a popular Shia mosque in Lucknow 02 August 2016
Saudi Arabia yet to sway U.N. over Yemen coalition blacklisting 02 August 2016
Saudi Arabia finances fundamentalist mosques abroad accused of breeding extremism 01 August 2016
Saudi Arabia passes 'grim watershed' as it executes 100th person this year 31 July 2016
Kuwaiti Shiite MP 'Dashti' sentenced to 14 years just for criticizing Saudi, Bahrain regimes 28 July 2016
Critical situation of Shiite Muslims in Saudi Arabia as nine minors at risk of execution 28 July 2016

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