Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Saudi regime forces destroy Hussainyat Um-Albanin in Awamiya 07 August 2017
UN condemns Saudi disregard for civilian lives in Yemen 07 August 2017
Shia town of Awamiyah under siege for three months by Saudi army 07 August 2017
Saudi warplanes kill 13 civilians in NW Yemen 05 August 2017
Saudi bulldozers reduce Awamiyah to rubble as residents flee violence 05 August 2017
Saudis blocking fuel to UN aid planes in Yemen 03 August 2017
Saudi regime forces kill civilian in Awamiyah as clashes continue 03 August 2017
Ottawa calls for probe into apparent Saudi use of Canadian-made armored vehicles against citizens 03 August 2017
Saudi Arabia reportedly using Canadian military trucks against its own civilians 03 August 2017
Saudi forces set ablaze Shia homes in restive Awamiyah 03 August 2017
Trudeau stresses probe into reports of Saudi abuse 31 July 2017
Two killed as Saudi police intensify attacks on besieged Shia-populated town 31 July 2017
Bahrainis rally to remember crackdown martyrs 30 July 2017
Saudi Shias told to leave Awamiyah or die: Sources 30 July 2017
UN slams Saudi Arabia for turning back oil tankers from Yemeni port 30 July 2017
One killed as Saudi forces shell homes in Shia town 27 July 2017
UN: Yemen grappling with ‘vicious’ combination of worst crises 27 July 2017
Amnesty calls on Saudi Arabia to halt execution of 14 dissenters 26 July 2017
Saudi forces shell Awamiyah and arrest a number of clerics 26 July 2017
UK Government approved Saudi arms deals worth £238m six months after deadly Yemen funeral air strike 25 July 2017

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