Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Saudi warplanes continue military aggression against Yemen 26 October 2017
Desecration of Quran in Taif, Saudi Arabia 23 October 2017
10 dead as Saudi warplanes bomb civilian targets in Yemen 21 October 2017
Cholera claims unborn Yemeni children amid Saudi aggression 10 October 2017
Dozen civilians killed as Saudi jets target residential building in Yemen 09 October 2017
UN blacklists Saudi-led coalition for killing, maiming Yemeni kids 08 October 2017
Saudi-led coalition on draft UN blacklist for killing Yemeni kids: Report 05 October 2017
Saudi airstrike kills at least 5 people in southwestern Yemen 04 October 2017
Amnesty deplores Saudi Arabia’s ‘execution spree’ 04 October 2017
Moves against Shias’ rituals in Saudi Arabia to escalate tensions 30 September 2017
Saudi authorities allow clerics to preach hatred against minorities: HRW 28 September 2017
Saudi –backed former president says Yemen conflict will be settled militarily 26 September 2017
Saudi used US-made bomb in August airstrike on Sana'a: Amnesty 24 September 2017
Nine civilians dead as Saudi warplanes bomb NW Yemen 21 September 2017
Almost 2 million people internally displaced in Yemen: UN 19 September 2017
Saudi-led airstrikes kill seven civilians in Yemen’s Ma’rib 18 September 2017
EU parliament calls for arms embargo on Saudi Arabia 14 September 2017
Saudi-led coalition hides information about illegal airstrikes on Yemen: HRW 10 September 2017
UN Rights Council neglects duty to probe atrocities in Yemen 07 September 2017
WFP directly blames Saudi Arabia for Yemeni humanitarian crisis 06 September 2017

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