Saudi Arabia

Title Published Date
Military cordon and raid on neighborhoods in the city of Qatif, Saudi Arabia 08 January 2020
Setting Grounds for Violence: Saudi Influence in Malaysia 08 January 2020
US designates Saudi Arabia as country with low religious freedom 22 December 2019
More than seven thousand martyrs and wounded people in Hodeidah since the beginning of the Saudi aggression 19 December 2019
Qatif Shia Activists Sentenced to Death by Saudi Court 03 December 2019
Yemen calls for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry on the Saudi crimes against civilians 01 December 2019
Yemen Armed Forces take control three Saudi bases in Najran 03 October 2019
Protest in front of the Saudi embassy in London in support of prisoners of conscience 31 August 2019
Woman martyred by the Saudi coalition in Yemen 17 August 2019
UN: Coalition violence in Yemen has surpassed all perceptions 15 August 2019
WHO announces kingdom's efforts in this year's Hajj season 13 August 2019
Sanaa says Saudi Coalition committed massacre in Hajjah, lashes out at international silence 12 August 2019
Saudi Arabia announces total number of pilgrims this year 11 August 2019
Martyr and wounded citizens in Saudi coalition bombing on the Yemeni city of Hodeidah 08 August 2019
Saudi bombing targets residential districts in Saada 28 July 2019
Six Yemeni casualties by aerial bombardment of the Saudi coalition 27 July 2019
Martyrdom of a Yemeni citizen and the wounding of others in the air raids of Saudi Arabia on Saada and Sana'a 20 July 2019
US House overwhelmingly approves anti-Saudi measures 17 July 2019
Convicted of minor crimes as teens and now face beheading and 'crucifixion' in Saudi Arabia 15 July 2019
Saudi forces storm al-Qatif and shoot random fire 03 July 2019

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