Title Published Date
Shia Muslims protest targeting of two Shia doctors in Sahiwal, Pakistan 13 February 2017
33 Shia Muslims killed in January 2017 in attacks by terrorist organizations 06 February 2017
Mass protests against Shia targeting in Pakistan 30 January 2017
SRW warns of growing terrorism consequences in Pakistan 30 January 2017
Bomb at vegetable market in Pakistan's Shia area kills at least 21 21 January 2017
Pakistan Shias criticize reducing the share of Shia pilgrims by Saudi Arabia 05 January 2017
Ayatollah Shirazi Office checks on Allama Talib Jawhary 29 December 2016
Pakistan closes more than 2000 radical schools 27 December 2016
Minor girl killed in North Waziristan roadside blast 13 December 2016
Shia officer of WAPDA martyred in ASWJ terrorist attack in Abbottabad 12 December 2016
Pakistan: Shiite man martyred in Quetta attack 10 December 2016
11 killed, 75 injured as fire erupts at Karachi's Regent Plaza Hotel 05 December 2016
Islamic art exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan 30 November 2016
Fighters attack army base in Pakistan's northwest 28 November 2016
Takfiris kill senior Pakistani Shia journalist and his son in Sahiwal 26 November 2016
Police arrest eight ISIS terrorists in Lahore 20 November 2016
Terrorist plot against Arbaeen pilgrims foiled in Pakistan 17 November 2016
Shia groups protest arrests of leaders in Rawalpindi 08 November 2016
At least five Shia mourners killed in terror attack in Karachi, Pakistan 31 October 2016
61 killed, at least 165 injured as militants storm police training center in Quetta 25 October 2016

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