Title Published Date
Saudi Arabia funds 24,000 madrassas in Pakistan 03 February 2016
Pakistan Taliban leader 'Mullah Fazlullah' reportedly killed in Afghanistan 27 January 2016
Pakistan closes schools in province amid Taliban threats 26 January 2016
Pakistani Shia student beheaded by his friends for wearing jacket of Imam Ali name 24 January 2016
Pakistan Taliban commander vows more school attacks 24 January 2016
Bomb kills nearly dozen in Pakistan’s Peshawar 19 January 2016
Deadly blast rocks SW Pakistan 13 January 2016
Near 300 Shia Muslims martyred during 2015 in Pakistan 02 January 2016
At least 20 killed in northwest Pakistan bombing 29 December 2015
Strong earthquake rattles parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan leaving dozens injured 26 December 2015
Pakistan's police claims arrest of 24 terrorists involved in killing Shia Muslims 22 December 2015
Pro-ISIS terrorists claim responsibility for Parachinar Shia massacre 14 December 2015
More than 60 martyred and injured in blast in Shia area of northwest Pakistan 13 December 2015
Pakistan hangs four convicted of school massacre 02 December 2015
Pakistan train accident death toll climbs to 19 19 November 2015
Pakistani Shia gunned down by Takfiri terrorists 10 November 2015
Gunmen kill two Shia Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan 08 November 2015
Shia shopkeeper shot martyred by a Takfiri terrorist attack in Quetta 05 November 2015
IHTV Group release a statement on Afghanistan- Pakistan earthquake 28 October 2015
Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake leaves hundreds dead 27 October 2015

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