Title Published Date
Shia shopkeeper shot martyred by a Takfiri terrorist attack in Quetta 05 November 2015
IHTV Group release a statement on Afghanistan- Pakistan earthquake 28 October 2015
Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake leaves hundreds dead 27 October 2015
Deadly blast hits Imam Hussein mourners in Pakistan, kills 10 Shias 24 October 2015
Pakistan police foil terror plot in DI Khan ahead of Muharram procession 18 October 2015
Check points in Pakistan due to security high alert during the Muslims month of Muharram 17 October 2015
Cleanliness campaign launched in Pindi in Pakistan in preparations for Muharram 12 October 2015
Shia man gunned down and two daughters injured in Peshawar Pakistan 10 October 2015
Husseini Scouts Shia member martyred in Takfiri attacks 06 October 2015
Pakistan ambassador announces 25,000 Pakistanis came to Bahrain, mostly works in police force 30 September 2015
Shia man shot martyred in Karachi Pakistan 20 September 2015
A Pakistani Shia commander martyred in terrorists attack in Peshawar 19 September 2015
New Shia convert martyred in Pakistan 06 September 2015
Birth anniversary of Imam Redha to be celebrated in Quetta 25 August 2015
Birth anniversary of Imam Redha to be celebrated in Quetta 25 August 2015
Shia Police martyred in Quetta, Pakistan 17 August 2015
Thirty Wahhabi seminaries closed in Pakistan 10 August 2015
Takfiri terrorists killed a Shia man in Pakistan,Parachinar 01 August 2015
“Islamic State”terrorists secretly planning to provoke 'end of the world' by attacking India 30 July 2015
Shia campaigner shot dead 27 July 2015

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