Title Published Date
Two Shia shot martyred 25 January 2015
Local IS Pakistan commander arrested 23 January 2015
Dalai Lama fears for safety of Pakistani Shias, urging them to move to India 16 January 2015
Two Shia brothers martyred 07 January 2015
311 Pakistani Shia Muslims martyred in 2014 01 January 2015
Two Shia mourners martyred and many others injured in Orakzai by Takfiri terrorist attack 05 November 2014
Takfiri terrorists kill three Shia Muslims and injure five others 05 November 2014
Pakistani media and rulers keep quiet over the killing of an innocent Shia child 01 November 2014
A 9-month old Shia girl martyred and 9 others injured in takfiri attack at Husseini mourning ceremonies 01 November 2014
Shahadat-e-Imam Hussain Conference held in Pakistan 31 October 2014
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi's publications released in Urdu 22 October 2014
Three killed in firing on hotel mostly Shiite in Hussainabad (Karachi - Pakistan) 25 September 2014
Shia bank cashier killed in presence of his children in Karachi 22 September 2014
160 Shia embraced martyrdom in one year due to takfiri attacks 13 September 2014
3More Shia Muslims killed in Karachi Pakistan 09 September 2014
Pakistani Shia martyred in takfiri terrorist attack in Karachi 09 September 2014
Pakistani Police kills mastermind of Ashura blast and killer of hundreds of Shia Muslims 03 September 2014
28 Pakistani doctors mostly Shias killed in targeted attacks over four years 02 September 2014
Three Shias shot martyred in Karachi 28 August 2014
Pakistani Shia activist shot martyred in Karachi 28 August 2014

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