Title Published Date
Ten militants killed in gun battle with Pakistani police in Lahore 12 April 2017
Pakistan resumes repatriating Afghan refugees despite criticism 06 April 2017
Suicide bombing in Lahore kills at least four, Pakistan Taliban claims attack 06 April 2017
Islamabad Cultural Festival ends with presence of delegations of the holy shrines 04 April 2017
Iraq's holy shrines to hold Fourth Annual Cultural Week Festival in Pakistan 29 March 2017
Two Shia brothers taken into illegal custody without any charge 27 March 2017
700 Shia Pilgrims threaten to march towards Quetta from Taftan Border 20 March 2017
Protest held in Pakistan capital against Damascus bombings 14 March 2017
Cultural Week to be held in Pakistan 12 March 2017
Punjab governorate bans mourning on martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima 05 March 2017
IHC orders blocking blasphemous contents on social media 02 March 2017
Three Pakistani Shia Muslims martyred by takfiri terrorists 27 February 2017
Suicide bombers in Pakistan kill five in attack on court 22 February 2017
Pakistan arrests, kills dozens of suspects after deadly blast 21 February 2017
Pakistan: Free Muslim condemns deadly terrorist attack on Sufi shrine 19 February 2017
Takfiri ASWJ terrorists attack Shia family in Karachi; father martyred, two sons injured 15 February 2017
Pakistan: Mass forced returns of Afghan refugees 14 February 2017
Blast kills at least 13 in Pakistani city of Lahore, 83 injured 14 February 2017
Shia Muslims protest targeting of two Shia doctors in Sahiwal, Pakistan 13 February 2017
33 Shia Muslims killed in January 2017 in attacks by terrorist organizations 06 February 2017

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