Title Published Date
A Shia man martyred in takfiri terrorist attack in Karachi 25 March 2018
Rare Quran manuscripts to be put on display at Islamabad mosque 24 March 2018
700 cases of enforced disappearances from Pakistan pending with UN: AI 22 March 2018
Over 500 Shia Muslims killed in Quetta during last five years: HR Commission 21 March 2018
Imam Ali Holy Shrine’s Religious Affairs Department receives a delegation from Pakistan 21 March 2018
False case registered against innocent Shia Muslims at ASWJ’s behest 20 March 2018
Authorities seized banned JUD offices, mosques, seminaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 19 March 2018
Iraq's holy shrines to hold Fourth Annual Cultural Week Festival in Islamabad 19 March 2018
ASWJ terrorists attack a Husseineyah in Dera Ismail Khan’s Kolachi Tehsil 18 March 2018
Iraqi ambassador in Pakistan welcomes Neseem Karbala festival preparatory committee 17 March 2018
Bomb attack kills 9 near Pakistan's Lahore 15 March 2018
Naseem Karbala ‘Breeze of Karbala’ festival planned in Islamabad 14 March 2018
Daesh terrorist group claims responsibility for Shia killings in Quetta 12 March 2018
Shia Muslim martyred, other injured in ASWJ terrorist attack in Quetta, Pakistan 10 March 2018
A Shia young man embraces martyrdom in terrorist attack in Quetta 06 March 2018
Pakistani police arrest most wanted anti-Shia terrorist 'Ahsan Mehsud' in Karachi 05 March 2018
Pakistani mosque’s Quran Gallery opens to public 04 March 2018
Shia Muslim teacher martyred in a terrorist attack in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan 04 March 2018
Anniversary of Shia massacre in Kohistan observed 03 March 2018
A terrorist arrested for target killings of Shia Muslims 22 February 2018

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