Title Published Date
Pakistani Shia teacher killed due to Wahhabi ideology 19 September 2016
Pakistani Shia leader demands government to facilitate pilgrimage of pilgrims 19 September 2016
Bomb attack kills 25 in northwest Pakistan mosque 17 September 2016
Six dead, 100 injured in Pakistan train crash 15 September 2016
At least 13 injured as police foil suicide blasts targeting Eid prayers in Shikarpur 14 September 2016
Shiite man killed by takfiris of LeJ in Karachi 10 September 2016
Pakistani authorities raid seminary of Shia women without warrant 08 September 2016
"Who is Hussain?" volunteers launch Free Medical Camp in Pakistan 20 August 2016
Banned Organizations Roam Freely in Pakistan on Independence Day 18 August 2016
Pakistan's senior Shia scholar slams Nawaz Sharif’s attempts to ban Imam Hussain mourning ceremonies 16 August 2016
Afghan Officials: ISIS Establishing Presence in Zabul Province 16 August 2016
Afghan-Pakistan ISIL's Hafiz Saeed Khan killed 14 August 2016
ISIS threaten Shiite Muslims in Pakistan: Accept our Islam or be killed 13 August 2016
55 Killed, over 100 injured in blast at Hospital in Pakistan's Quetta 08 August 2016
Terrorists target Pakistani Shia pilgrims 06 August 2016
Myanmar to deport Pakistanis for giving Mosque sermon 02 August 2016
Pakistan Taliban terrorists kill twoHazara Shia Muslims in Quetta 02 August 2016
British woman murdered in Pakistan for converting to Shia Islam 31 July 2016
‘Tribute to a Shia School Boy’ movie to be released on August 5 27 July 2016
Shia Muslims rally in Quetta condemns Hazara Shia massacre in Afghanistan 26 July 2016

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