Title Published Date
Explosion claims lives of three in northwest Pakistan 12 August 2017
US-led airstrike kills 16 civilians in eastern Afghanistan 12 August 2017
At least 34 injured in bomb blast in Pakistan’s Lahore 09 August 2017
Two terrorists killed in Karachi encounter 03 August 2017
1,000 Shia pilgrims stuck at Pakistan-Iran border over security fears 23 July 2017
Militants shoot dead four members of Shia family in southwestern Pakistan 20 July 2017
Bombing kills 2 paramilitary forces in Pakistan 17 July 2017
4 policemen shot dead in Quetta 16 July 2017
Two shia scholars taken into illegal custody in Punjab, Pakistan 16 July 2017
SRW: Shias in Pakistan are subjected to organized violence 13 July 2017
Pakistani pilgrim donates her jewelries to PMU martyrs' families 11 July 2017
PEMRA bans Wahhabi Takfiri Wesal TV channel broadcast in Pakistan 10 July 2017
Pakistani Shia Muslims rally on 'Jannat al-Baqee Demolition' anniversary 05 July 2017
Flash floods kill 11 in SW Pakistan 04 July 2017
Four killed in bomb blast in northwestern Pakistan 03 July 2017
Protest against Shia killings in Pakistan continues for 7th day 01 July 2017
Blast kills six children in village northwest of Pakistan 28 June 2017
Afghan forces recapture Tora Bora in Nangarhar 20 June 2017
Young Pakistani Shia activist sentenced to death for being anti-Wahhabi 15 June 2017
Pakistani boy from Kurram Agency becomes honorary member of German Parliament 05 June 2017

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