Title Published Date
Shia missing persons families hold demonstration at youm-e-Ali procession 07 June 2018
3 security personnel killed in suicide attack in SW Pakistan 06 June 2018
Pakistan observes Imam Ali martyrdom anniversary amid tight security 06 June 2018
Rangers personnel kill suicide bomber near Manghopir 03 June 2018
Banned terrorist outfits targeting minorities in Pakistan: Us report 31 May 2018
Six Taliban terrorists killed in Gujrat gunfight 29 May 2018
Heavy weapons seized in raid on Lashkar-E-Jhangvi hideout in Quetta 23 May 2018
Pakistan heatwave kills 65 people in Karachi - welfare organization 22 May 2018
Abbas Town bombing, Nishtar Park carnage cases to be tried by military courts 20 May 2018
5 Suicide bombers killed as Fc foils attack on Madadgar centre in Quetta, Pakistan 19 May 2018
SRW praises Pakistan’s first steps against anti-Shiism 19 May 2018
Pakistani Army kills anti-Shia commander of LeJ terrorist group in Balochistan 17 May 2018
ASWJ terrorists shoot Shia religious scholar in Hangu, Pakistan 15 May 2018
A Takfiri cleric banned from delivering sermons during Friday Prayers in Pakistan 14 May 2018
Hazara Shia killings tantamount to genocide, says Chief Justice 12 May 2018
A Pakistani religious delegation visits Imam Ali holy shrine 10 May 2018
Shia landlord and a passer by martyred in a terrorist attack in di khan 06 May 2018
Two Shia Muslims released after enforced disappearance for years 05 May 2018
Lashkar-E-Jhangvi terrorist arrested for his role in Shia killings in Quetta 03 May 2018
Army Chief meeting with Shia Hazara notables in Quetta remains successful 02 May 2018

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