Title Published Date
Kuwaiti authorities ask Interpol to help arrest Shia MP Abdul Hameed Dashti 22 August 2016
Kuwaiti man arrested on charge of recruiting Indian youths to ISIS 08 August 2016
Kuwaiti Shiite MP 'Dashti' sentenced to 14 years just for criticizing Saudi, Bahrain regimes 28 July 2016
Kuwait Detains ISIS Suspects, Foils Attack 05 July 2016
Quranic Course for Teenagers Planned in Kuwait 03 May 2016
Yemenis Condemn Saudi Attacks on Civilians despite Truce 27 April 2016
Kuwait to deport 60 Shia Lebanese 30 March 2016
Shia youth in Kuwait set up al-Rasoul al-Adham Camp 17 January 2016
Kuwait’s Shia MPs boycott parliament amid protests over death sentences 14 January 2016
Court upholds death sentence in Kuwait Shia mosque bombing 14 December 2015
Kuwait arrests six suspected ISIS members 23 November 2015
Kuwait's Ministry of Interiors host a banquet for Arbaeen's pilgrims on Abdali borders 21 November 2015
Kuwaiti pilgrims insulted by Nasibis before heading to holy Karbala 12 November 2015
Sheikh Jalal Maa'sh says Ashura rituals represent the message of world peace 22 October 2015
Muharram Quranic sessions underway in Kuwait’s mosques 18 October 2015
Kuwait prepares security plan for Muharram 05 October 2015
Kuwait court sentences seven to death over Shia mosque bombing 16 September 2015
Kuwaiti court frees 11 out of 29 suspects in deadly attack on Shia mosque 08 August 2015
Kuwait Shia mosque blast suspect confessed he joined IS terrorists 05 August 2015
Saudi Defense Minister threatens to launch war on Kuwait 03 August 2015

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