Title Published Date
Millions of Shia pilgrims continue walking towards Karbala for Arbaeen 29 November 2015
Karbala expects the arrival of pilgrims from more than 60 countries to perform Arbaeen rituals 29 November 2015
Huffington Post says Arbaeen world's biggest pilgrimage 29 November 2015
Around one million Iranians obtain Iraqi visa for Arbaeen so far 28 November 2015
Mourning sessions in sign language planned in Karbala 28 November 2015
Shia Pilgrims in Najaf ahead of Arbaeen 28 November 2015
Ayatollah Sayed Hussein Shirazi meets pilgrims before heading to Holy Karbala 28 November 2015
Oman's Husseini procession continues serving Arbaeen's pilgrims for the 4th year successively 26 November 2015
More than 80 Quranic tents distributed along the O' Hussein Road 26 November 2015
Al-Forat Center discusses ways of reforming agricultural sector in Iraq 26 November 2015
Al-Nabaa Foundation holds symposium on Husseini literature in defying tyrants 26 November 2015
Newly Opened Accommodation Camps By The Holy of Najaf 26 November 2015
Establishing The 3rd Edition "Creativeness On The Road to Imam Hussein" 26 November 2015
Millions of Pilgrims Flock To Imam Hussein For His Arbaeen 26 November 2015
Rasoul Al-Adham Procession Holding Mourning Ceremonies In Holy Karbala 26 November 2015
Longest Husseini banner in the world enters the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 25 November 2015
Iraqi PM underlines ensuring security for Arbaeen 25 November 2015
World's longest ‘table cloth’ provided for Arbaeen pilgrims 23 November 2015
IHTV Group hails Karbala's Police Commander in maintaining security in the holy city 23 November 2015
Arbaeen Permanent Center says number of pilgrims must reach 40 million 22 November 2015

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