Title Published Date
Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi delivers a speech on the birth anniversaries of the Holy Prophet and his grandson Imam Jafar al-Sadiq, peace be upon them 29 December 2015
Iraqi army liberates Ramadi from IS terrorists 28 December 2015
More than 11000 people killed by violence in Iraq in 2015 24 December 2015
Bomb attacks leave eight people dead and dozens wounded in Shia cities across Baghdad 23 December 2015
Kufa Grand Mosque to host 5th Nat’l Quran Competition 22 December 2015
Days of Eid al-Zahraa, peace be upon her; days of happiness and rejoice to all Shia Muslims 20 December 2015
Pilgrims march towards Holy Samarra to mark martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hassan al-Askari 19 December 2015
Hosts of Arbaeen pilgrims honored in Holy Karbala 16 December 2015
Baghdad Provincial Council votes on boycotting Turkish products 10 December 2015
Quran inscribed by Arbaeen pilgrims 05 December 2015
Thirty million pilgrims flock to holy Karbala for annual Arbaeen commemorations 05 December 2015
A great number of foreign pilgrims participate in Arbaeen 03 December 2015
Tens of millions of pilgrims poured into Holy Karbala to mark Arbaeen 03 December 2015
Indian Shias flock to Iraq for the world's biggest pilgrimage 02 December 2015
Tens of millions of Shias from over 60 countries converge on Karbala for Arbaeen 02 December 2015
Western media turns a blind eye on Arbaeen Pilgrimage 01 December 2015
Mourners flock to Karbala amid heightened security 01 December 2015
Arbaeen pilgrims welcomed by tents from around the world 30 November 2015
Bahrainis shout anti-regime slogans on their way to Karbala 29 November 2015
Arbaeen Quranic programs planned for female pilgrims 29 November 2015

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