Title Published Date
Top Quranic women selected in Iraq 05 December 2018
Expansion project of Imam al-Mahdi Site in Karbala underway 03 December 2018
Courtyard of Imam Hussein to be eight times bigger 02 December 2018
Iraqi protesters rally to denounce Saudi-led aggression on crisis-hit Yemen 01 December 2018
Winners awarded at Iraqi Armed Forces Quran Contest 29 November 2018
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine organizes celebration for birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet 27 November 2018
Karbala International Airport: Capacity of one part expanded from 2 million to 6 million travelers a year 26 November 2018
Twenty two countries participate in First International Conference on Heritage and Antiquities of Iraq 26 November 2018
‘Great Prophet (PBUH) Cultural Week’ planned in Iraq 22 November 2018
Tribal Figures Appreciate Activities by Wila Wal-Fida Society in Samarra 20 November 2018
Iraqi airstrikes kill nearly dozen Daesh Takfiri terrorists 20 November 2018
President of the Coptic community visits Imam Hussein Media Group’s pavilion 20 November 2018
Over two dozen Daesh remnants slain in Iraqi army airstrikes, ground operations 18 November 2018
NDS Special Forces conduct raids on 5 ISIS-K compounds in Nangarhar 17 November 2018
Palestinian Ambassador to Iraq praises Imam Hussein Media Group role of in spreading the values of Islam 15 November 2018
Preliminary stage of Iraq Nat’l Quran Competition held in Kirkuk, Nineveh 14 November 2018
Iraqi Hashd Sha’abi forces foil Daesh infiltration attempt into Syria 14 November 2018
Al-Safeer Quran contest planned in Iraq’s Kufa 12 November 2018
Imam Hussein Media Group takes part in Baghdad International Exhibition 08 November 2018
Over 200 mass graves of Daesh victims found in Iraq, UN report says 07 November 2018

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