Title Published Date
Karbala center Establishes the Scholarly Academic Assembly for Arba’een Pilgrimage 19 December 2017
Opening new kindergarten for orphans 17 December 2017
Mass grave of 400 Daesh victims discovered in northwestern Iraq 16 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine holds first meeting for Human Development trainers 14 December 2017
Opening new Muslim Family Institute to educate Muslim families 12 December 2017
Human Development Through Arbaeen festival held in Baghdad 11 December 2017
Photo: Cloth covering of al- Abbas holy grille being made in Iran 10 December 2017
Iraq: Abadi declares end of war on Daesh 10 December 2017
Iraq starts 2nd phase of ops to clear desert areas of Daesh 10 December 2017
Important phase of al-Eqeelah courtyard project nearing completion 10 December 2017
First phase of basement project achieved 06 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine holds Second Annual Conference on Nahjul Balagha 06 December 2017
Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi fighters discover two mass graves 03 December 2017
Booby trap bomb leaves over two dozen civilians dead in Iraqi house 03 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine supports gifted students 30 November 2017
Karbala International Airport project management now receiving bids 30 November 2017
Bomb attack, gunfire kill at least 17 near Iraq's capital 28 November 2017
Turkish Parliament: Imam Hussein's martyrdom great lesson for humanity 28 November 2017
Millions of pilgrims flock to holy Samarra to mark Imam Hassan al-Askary’s martyrdom anniversary + Pictures 27 November 2017
Hashd al-Sha’abi forces recapture 4 villages in anti-Daesh offensive in northern Iraq 27 November 2017

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