Title Published Date
Baghdad Operations Command foil terrorist plot to flood Baghdad 01 November 2014
Iraqi soldiers set up first Husseini procession in Jurf al-Sakhar 01 November 2014
Security measures to be intensified in Karbala 01 November 2014
88 IS terrorists killed in Nineveh 01 November 2014
Iraqi forces seize 4 villages after victory near Baghdad 31 October 2014
Arba’een Media Festival to feature films on the Revivalism of Imam Hussein 31 October 2014
Iraqi army recaptures Jurf al-Sakhar and defuses more than 100 IEDs 29 October 2014
Holy Karbala witnesses the banner replacement ceremony of Imam Hussein 29 October 2014
IS leadership suffers heavy losses 22 October 2014
18 martyred in car bombs in Baghdad Shia neighborhoods 22 October 2014
Baghdad car bombs kill more than 30 civilians and wound 70 others in Shia neighborhoods 13 October 2014
Tuz Khormato district liberated from IS terrorists 13 October 2014
Suicide car bomb martyrs and injures 7 volunteers in Amerli 09 October 2014
Iraqi forces break siege on IS-besieged soldiers in Fallujah 09 October 2014
Iraq car bomb kills 14, leaves dozens injured in Shia neighborhood 09 October 2014
Books on the revivalism of Imam Hussein to be published in English 03 October 2014
Iraqi army forces ISIL out of villages 01 October 2014
3rd al-Ghadeer International Festival planned in Najaf (Holy Najaf- Iraq) 30 September 2014
Shia Rights Watch demands Iraqi authorities to conduct a detailed investigation over Badoush Prison in Mosul (World) 25 September 2014
Iraqi army breaks siege on ISIL-besieged troopers (Anbar - Iraq) 25 September 2014

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