Title Published Date
Seven million pilgrims attend ceremony to mourn martyrdom of Imam Hussein 25 October 2015
Millions of mourners mark Ashura 24 October 2015
Millions of mourners flood into Holy Karbala to mark Ashura 20 October 2015
Ahlul-Bait University hoist Imam Hussein's flag Iraq 18 October 2015
“Best Quranic Research” competition planned in Holy Karbala 17 October 2015
Adam Center calls on preventing the recurrence of last year’s Muharram tragedy 15 October 2015
Middle Euphrates tribes hold Revival of Husseini Rituals Conference 15 October 2015
Najaf airport expects more flights in Muharram month 14 October 2015
Black banner waving above the dome of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 14 October 2015
“TaratilSajjadiyya” or Sajjadian Hymns International Festival planned in Karbala 13 October 2015
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine covered with black banners in preparation for Muharram 13 October 2015
Banner replacement ceremony of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to be broadcasted live by IHTV channels 13 October 2015
25000 processions from inside Iraq and abroad prepare for Muharram and Safar months 11 October 2015
Iraqi forces advancing in different fronts against ISIS 05 October 2015
Iraqi army shoots down ISIS spy drone 03 October 2015
Book fair of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Shirazi’s publications 28 September 2015
Holy Karbala overcrowded with pilgrims to perform Arafat rituals 23 September 2015
16 civilians martyred in bomb blasts in two Shia-majority areas of Baghdad 22 September 2015
Shia Muslims mark martyrdom anniversary of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir 22 September 2015
Huge Quranic center to be set up in Holy Karbala 21 September 2015

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