Title Published Date
Ongoing violations committed by Peshmerga in Tuz Khurmatu of Shia majority 17 November 2015
Thousands of Shia Muslims commemorate martyrdom anniversary of Zaid Bin Ali, peace be upon him, in Iraq's Babel province 17 November 2015
Ongoing violations committed by Peshmerga in TuzKhurmatu of Shia majority 16 November 2015
Thousands of Shia Muslims commemorate martyrdom anniversary of Zaid Bin Ali 16 November 2015
Iraqi southern provinces implement security plans to protect Arbaeen's pilgrims 15 November 2015
Sayed al-Modarresi warns off false propaganda against Arbaeen pilgrimage 11 November 2015
A theatrical play in Holy Karbala depicts historical crimes extending from the Umayyad until ISIS eras 10 November 2015
32 martyred and injured in three Baghdad bomb attacks 09 November 2015
Karbala getting prepared to host millions of pilgrims on Arbaeen 08 November 2015
“Tarateel Sajjadiyyah” International Festival kicks off in Karbala 08 November 2015
Muslims mark martyrdom anniversary of Imam Sajjad, peace be upon him 08 November 2015
Iraqi teams exhume hundreds of bodies from mass graves in Tikrit 05 November 2015
Iraq to open 11 offices in Iran to receive Arbaeen' pilgrims 05 November 2015
UN says violence killed 700 people in Iraq in October 02 November 2015
Imam Shirazi Center for Researches and Studies holds a new symposium among Ashura symposiums' series 02 November 2015
Karbala Seminary Schools' teachers and Husseini orators condemn Ayatollah Nimr's death sentence 01 November 2015
Almustaqbal Center for Strategic Studies holds symposium on Imam Hussein uprising 29 October 2015
First stage of al-Hujjah Basement Project to be opened before Arbaeen Pilgrimage 28 October 2015
Bani Asad tribe participated in symbolic funeral of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him 27 October 2015
Seven million pilgrims attend ceremony to mourn martyrdom of Imam Hussein 25 October 2015

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