Title Published Date
100,000 children in dangerous conditions in Iraq’s Mosul: UNICEF 07 June 2017
Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces retake nine villages west of Mosul from Daesh 07 June 2017
Video of final design of Karbala International Airport released 06 June 2017
United Nations: Violence claimed 354 Iraqi civilian lives in May 04 June 2017
Persevering work underway to achieve al-AqeelaZaineb Sanctuary 04 June 2017
Mass grave containing 60 civilians found in western Mosul 02 June 2017
Massive bombings strike heart of Baghdad 31 May 2017
UN warns Daesh directly targeting civilians in Iraq’s - Mosul 30 May 2017
Memorial ceremony held in remembrance of Ramadan attack first anniversary 30 May 2017
Iraq begins operation to liberate last ISIS-held Mosul region 29 May 2017
Middle East’s largest cardiac hospital to open in Karbala 29 May 2017
Volunteer female medical practitioners offer medical assistance to pilgrims 27 May 2017
Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units take back seven villages west of Mosul 24 May 2017
Iraqi govt. forces retake control of two key districts in west Mosul 22 May 2017
Iraqi volunteer forces recapture two airbases from ISIS terrorists 21 May 2017
Iraqi forces recapture nearly 90% of west Mosul: Official 18 May 2017
Fourth stage of tracking Imam Hussein's paths to Karbala to begin 18 May 2017
Iraqi police forces seize ISIS’ main chemical plant in Mosul 17 May 2017
High-achieving female students awarded in Karbala 17 May 2017
Iraqi Air Force targets ISIS gathering in al-Qaim, senior terrorist leaders killed 16 May 2017

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