Title Published Date
Al-Rafidain operations announce Arbaeen pilgrimage security plan 19 October 2017
Kirkuk residents take to streets to celebrate Iraqi army’s advances 17 October 2017
Thaqalayn Quran Contest held in Iraq 17 October 2017
Works on Seerah of Imam Sajjad on display in Karbala 15 October 2017
Devastating demolition anniversary of Askariyain Holy Shrine 15 October 2017
Over 1,000 ISIS terrorists have crossed Iraqi border to Syria 15 October 2017
Arbaeen supplication investigated in Karbala conference 15 October 2017
Iraqi army declares completion of Hawija operation 12 October 2017
New method of building walls adopted to build Lady Zaineb courtyard 12 October 2017
Companion of Quran Int’l Festival held in Iraq 12 October 2017
Visa to be issued for Arbaeen pilgrims at Iraqi airports, border crossings 12 October 2017
Iraqi army forces find Daesh mass grave west of Ramadi 10 October 2017
Al-Shuheda basement project achieved and will be open for Arba'een pilgrims 10 October 2017
Azerbaijani visitor rides his bicycle to Karbala 10 October 2017
Iraqi PMUs uncover 10 mass graves near Hawijah 09 October 2017
Project of thinning pillars surrounding holy grille nearing completion 08 October 2017
Great opportunity for foreign students to study religion in Iraq 08 October 2017
Daesh militants fleeing from Iraq, Syria create new threat in South-Eastern Asia 05 October 2017
Iraqi PM, military announce Hawijah liberation from Daesh 05 October 2017
Bani Asad Tribe participates in symbolic funeral of Imam Hussein 05 October 2017

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