Title Published Date
Quran teaching plan underway in Iraq’s universities 29 December 2018
Sayyed Hussein Shirazi: Let our first and last goal be earning Allah's mercy in this world, hereafter 29 December 2018
Details on new lattice-enclosed tomb of Martyrs released for first time 27 December 2018
French-Iraqi project to archive Iraqi manuscripts digitally 26 December 2018
Photo: Imam Hussein Holy Shrine installed new holy grille of Martyrs, peace be upon them. 26 December 2018
Removing old Martyrs holy grille to install new one 24 December 2018
Director of Annaba Cultural Institute participates in conference in Beirut 23 December 2018
Dozens of civilian bodies found in mass grave in Iraq’s Kirkuk Province 22 December 2018
Catholic priests and researchers visit Imam Ali Holy Shrine 22 December 2018
Kufa mosque in Iraq hosting Quran competition. 22 December 2018
Mesbah al-Hussein expresses willingness to help Iraqi youth and people 22 December 2018
Museum-management workshops held in Iraqi universities 20 December 2018
First time in Iraq – Shia Endowment Bureau unveils Noble Quran handwritten by Iraqi calligrapher 20 December 2018
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi calls for reforming Iraq to become a model for the world 19 December 2018
Quranic circles planned for Iraqi tribes 19 December 2018
Iraqi aircraft target Daesh positions in eastern Syria, kill 44 terrorists 13 December 2018
Imam Ali holy shrine Achieves advanced stages of ErResool ElEdhem Courtyard Project 12 December 2018
American Pastor after participating in Arbaeen Pilgrimage: I went there and I never felt safer 10 December 2018
Najaf hosting Quran contest for Iraqi women 10 December 2018
Air India plans flight services to Iraq's Najaf from Lucknow 09 December 2018

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