Title Published Date
Sayyed al-Shuhada Institute Provides Housing for Needy in Basra, Iraq 03 March 2019
One of the weapons of the Iraqi revolution presented as a gift to Imam Hussein Media Museum 02 March 2019
Representative of the office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi meets tribal figures in Iraq 02 March 2019
Public Relations Manager of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Meets Iraqi Tribal Chiefs 28 February 2019
Shias from Baghdad meet with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 26 February 2019
Training program for women Quran teachers in Iraq 26 February 2019
Kufa mosque hosting Iraq’s nat’l Quran contest for students 23 February 2019
The al-Haidariyah library presents a rare lithographic copy belonging to Sheikh Mufid 21 February 2019
Delegations from Marjaeyat TV meet tribal communities in Karbala 21 February 2019
Martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Sayyed Hassan al-Shirazi observed 21 February 2019
A delegation for Imam Hussein Media Group and Mesbah al-Hussein Foundation visits Karbala’s tribal leaders 20 February 2019
Delegations from Marjaeyat TV meet tribe of Bani Kaab in Iraq 19 February 2019
Imam Shirazi Center Studies Balance Between Extremist Religiosity and Secularism 19 February 2019
Distinguished figures from holy Karbala meet Sayyid Arif Nasrullah 16 February 2019
Intensive preparations made to hold global conference coinciding with birthday of Imam Hussein 16 February 2019
Iraqi forces discover, destroy 11 Daesh cross-border tunnels into eastern Syria 14 February 2019
Spanish Ambassador visits holy Karbala 13 February 2019
India to launch direct Air India flights to holy city of Najaf 12 February 2019
Mournful atmospheres at Imam Ali Holy Shrine for martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima 12 February 2019
Religious competition for girls held in Iraq 11 February 2019

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