Title Published Date
Karbala holds joint conference to discuss the security plan for the month of Muharram 18 September 2017
Ghadir Int’l Media Festival planned in Najaf 14 September 2017
Iran, Iraq begin arrangements for Arbaeen Pilgrimage 12 September 2017
Egyptian archeological delegation visits Imam Hussein center for maintaining antiquities 12 September 2017
Eid al-Ghadeer celebrated worldwide 11 September 2017
Photos: Eid al-Ghadeer preparations in the holy shrines. 10 September 2017
Iraqi army to retake Hawijah from Daesh terrorists soon: Abadi 09 September 2017
Musbah al-Hussein Foundation holds its founding conference in Karbala 09 September 2017
Iraq to set up Interim Consulate in Ilam province for Arbaeen Pilgrimage 06 September 2017
UN says violence killed 125 Iraqi civilians in August 05 September 2017
US-led coalition says 61 Iraqi, Syrian civilians killed in its fresh strikes 03 September 2017
Daesh bomb attack on Iraq power plant kills 7, injures 12 03 September 2017
Iraqi forces poised to launch Hawija operation 02 September 2017
Sophisticated surveillance system used to keep Kerbela safe 02 September 2017
Ahl al-Bayt followers in different parts of the world celebrate Eid al-Adha 02 September 2017
Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender to Iraqi forces in the desert after fleeing key town of Tal Afar amid intense fighting 31 August 2017
Mourners flock to Kufa mosque to commemorate Muslim bin Aqeel 31 August 2017
Millions of Ahl al-Bayt lovers participate in Arafa pilgrimage in the holy city of Karbala 31 August 2017
Iraqi security forces find Daesh torture cells in western Tal Afar 29 August 2017
Car bomb at busy Shia neighborhood kills 12 people in Baghdad 29 August 2017

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