Title Published Date
Grand Ayatollah Shirai calls for supporting Iraqi youth and save them from deviations 01 January 2018
Chinese Muslim delegation visit holy shrine of Imam Ali 31 December 2017
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi dilevers a speech in presence of Husseini processions owners and memebrs 31 December 2017
200 memorizers attend Quran Competition for women in Iraq+Photos 28 December 2017
Islamabad's Cultural Week's contests winners arrive at Imam Hussein Shrine 27 December 2017
Birth anniversary of Imam al-Hassan celebrated worldwide 27 December 2017
Karbala International Airport: quantum leap in achieving plans 26 December 2017
Baghdad Office of Ayatollah Shirazi holds second annual conference on Fatimid days 26 December 2017
Iraq’s Hashd al-Sha’abi forces deployed to Syrian border to back army: Commander 23 December 2017
Tracing places Imam Hussein stayed in while coming to Karbala 21 December 2017
Lady Zaineb Shrine project continues increasingly 20 December 2017
Karbala center Establishes the Scholarly Academic Assembly for Arba’een Pilgrimage 19 December 2017
Opening new kindergarten for orphans 17 December 2017
Mass grave of 400 Daesh victims discovered in northwestern Iraq 16 December 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine holds first meeting for Human Development trainers 14 December 2017
Opening new Muslim Family Institute to educate Muslim families 12 December 2017
Human Development Through Arbaeen festival held in Baghdad 11 December 2017
Photo: Cloth covering of al- Abbas holy grille being made in Iran 10 December 2017
Iraq: Abadi declares end of war on Daesh 10 December 2017
Iraq starts 2nd phase of ops to clear desert areas of Daesh 10 December 2017

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