Title Published Date
Muslims in Islamic and non-Islamic countries mark Lady Fatima's martyrdom anniversary 02 March 2017
At least 8,000 civilians escaped ISIS held-areas in west Mosul 02 March 2017
New holy grille to be installed soon at al-Askariyain Holy Shrine 02 March 2017
Iraqi forces make progress in western Mosul 27 February 2017
4,000 corpses discovered in mass grave on the outskirts of Mosul 27 February 2017
Iraqi troops completely liberate Mosul Airport from ISIS 26 February 2017
UNICEF: Pleased to see Imam Hussein Holy Shrine protecting children 26 February 2017
Free Muslim condemns negligent Iraqi government 24 February 2017
Human Rights Watch: ISIS torture, rapes Iraqi women 22 February 2017
Ayatollah Shirazi public relations office continues logistic support to PMU 22 February 2017
Iraq launches operation to retake western Mosul from ISIS 19 February 2017
Rare Kufic Quran manuscript found in Karbala, Iraq 16 February 2017
The United States used depleted uranium in Syria 15 February 2017
Charitable donations to needy families in holy Kadhimiyah, Iraq 09 February 2017
UN: $50 million required to clear ISIS’ mines in Mosul 08 February 2017
Iraqi women Quran memorizers gather in Karbala 06 February 2017
Quran exegesis in German to be published 06 February 2017
UN envoy says ISIS will be routed soon in Iraq 05 February 2017
UN casualties figures for Iraq for the month of January 2017 02 February 2017
Arba'een Pilgrimage in UNESCO 02 February 2017

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