Title Published Date
'Ansar Imam Hussein' military division begins Holy Karbala operations 11 May 2017
Professor from Indiana University donates 4000 books to Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 10 May 2017
Holy Karbala completes preparations for Imam al-Mahdi's birth anniversary 10 May 2017
Public relations official of Lady Ruqaiya Holy Shrine meets SeyyedArifNasrullah 09 May 2017
Imam Ali Holy Shrine launches project of preparing Quranic teachers 09 May 2017
More than 900 service units expected to register for Imam al-Mehdi's birth anniversary 09 May 2017
IHTV Group awarded at Karbala International Book Fair 09 May 2017
British psychiatrists volunteer to help Iraqi orphans 09 May 2017
Piece of hair of Prophet Mohammed displayed at Imam Hussein Museum 04 May 2017
Pentagon: US-led strikes killed 362 civilians in Iraq, Syria since 2014 03 May 2017
UN: 317 civilians killed in violence, armed conflicts in Iraq in April 03 May 2017
35 countries participate in 13th Rabieul Shahada International Cultural Festival 03 May 2017
Blood donation campaign organized in holy Karbala 02 May 2017
Secretary-General of Sayyida Zaineb Holy Shrine: Holy shrines combat Islamic extremism 01 May 2017
Preparations for replacing holy grille of al-Taff Battle martyrs 01 May 2017
Birth anniversary of Imam Hussein celebrated worldwide 01 May 2017
ISIS car bomb attack kills at least four, injures several in Baghdad 30 April 2017
Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein and al-Abbas open Karbala International Book Fair 26 April 2017
Millions of Muslims commemorate Eid al-Mab’ath worldwide 26 April 2017
Video shows Kerbala International Airport project advancement 25 April 2017

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