Title Published Date
Discovering ruins determine imam Hussein’s way from Mecca to Karbala 19 April 2018
Holy Karbala prepares to receive the birth anniversary of Imam Hussein 19 April 2018
Ramadan Quran competition planned for Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units 18 April 2018
Holy Karbala is preparing to launch the Rabee’ al-Shahada Festival 18 April 2018
Five civilians killed, 11 others injured in bomb blasts near Iraqi market 16 April 2018
The Imam Hussein Media Group intends to participate in the Karbala International Book Fair 15 April 2018
Bombing at funeral of Iraqi fighters kills 16 people 14 April 2018
Millions of Muslims commemorate Eid al-Mab’ath worldwide 14 April 2018
Remains of dozens of women recovered in mass grave near Mosul 12 April 2018
Two suicide bombers killed in attempt to attack visitors of Imam Kadhim’s shrine in Baghdad 12 April 2018
Shia Muslims mourn Imam Kadhim’s martyrdom anniversary 12 April 2018
Course on Iraqi style Quran recitation underway in Najaf 11 April 2018
Crowds continue to flock to the holy city of Kadhimiya to commemorate Imam Kadhim martyrdom anniversary 11 April 2018
Religious leaders from various sects and religions hold a commemoration ceremony on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Kadhim in Baghdad 10 April 2018
Crowds of pilgrims have begun to reach the shrine of al-Jawadian 09 April 2018
Al-Kadhimiyah Holy Shrine completes preparations for upcoming pilgrimage 08 April 2018
Al-Zakhri: Building al-Baqee mausoleums establises a genuine reconciliation between Iraqi and Saudi people 08 April 2018
Imam Ali shrine contracts with Berlin university to cooperate on working on manuscripts 07 April 2018
UNAMI: Number of civilian deaths in Iraq increased in March 05 April 2018
Iraqi security: Seven Daesh\ISIS terrorists captured in Mosul 05 April 2018

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