Title Published Date
Daesh militants fleeing from Iraq, Syria create new threat in South-Eastern Asia 05 October 2017
Iraqi PM, military announce Hawijah liberation from Daesh 05 October 2017
Bani Asad Tribe participates in symbolic funeral of Imam Hussein 05 October 2017
Islamic Society in Netherlands registers Arbaeen pilgrims 04 October 2017
Iraq's Hashd al-Sha’abi forces retake 18 villages near Hawijah 04 October 2017
Millions of pilgrims mark Twereej Run ritual 01 October 2017
Shia Muslims marking Tasu’a worldwide 30 September 2017
Thousands of Ahl al-Bayt lovers participate in self-flagellation Husseini processions 30 September 2017
Imam Hussein Shrine's medical staff alert to helping pilgrims 30 September 2017
Mandaean Sabeans share with Shia Muslims sorrowful feelings over Muharram 30 September 2017
First annual conference for Husseini processions and service groups 30 September 2017
PMU foils attack on Shia mourners in Iraq 28 September 2017
Holy Shrine’s entrances covered with sand to facilitate mourners’ passage 28 September 2017
Iraqi forces end phase 1 of Hawija offensive: command 28 September 2017
Iraqi forces kill hundreds of daesh terrorists during offensive in Hawija 26 September 2017
Iraqi Army, Hashd al-Shaabi liberate more than 40 villages in Hawija 25 September 2017
Iraqi army, allies further advance in offensive to retake Daesh-held Hawijah 24 September 2017
Iraq launches offensive to liberate northern Hawijah from Daesh 21 September 2017
Holy grille displayed in Belgium 19 September 2017
Booby trap explosion kills eight at school in Iraqi village 19 September 2017

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