Title Published Date
Death toll of Iraqi protests rises to 10 amid an angry protests that continued for days 08 September 2018
Deadly protests in Basra prompt UN calls for calm in Iraq 06 September 2018
Ghadeer Int’l Media Festival begins in Iraq 05 September 2018
ISIS terrorists attack northern Iraqi village, seven people killed 04 September 2018
Iraqi court sentences four Takfiri Daesh terrorists to life imprisonment 03 September 2018
Department of Husseini rituals and processions holds a conference in preparation for the revival of Ashura 03 September 2018
Iraqi security forces kill senior Daesh leader in Salahuddin 02 September 2018
Top women Quran activists honoured in Iraq 30 August 2018
Terrorists kill 11 in Iraq’s Nineveh, Kirkuk provinces 30 August 2018
Eid al-Ghadir celebrated worldwide 30 August 2018
Car bomb attack kills 11 in Iraq's western Anbar Province 29 August 2018
Karbala to host ‘Tarateel Sajjadiyah’ Int’l Festival 29 August 2018
Shia Islamic world prepares to receive Eid al-Ghadir 29 August 2018
Al-Abbas Holy Shrine Library and House of Manuscripts participates in international conference on RDA cataloging system in Malaysia 26 August 2018
Five ISIS terrorists killed while booby-trapping road, west of Anbar 25 August 2018
Audio translations of Ghadir sermon to be released 25 August 2018
Iran, Iraq discuss coordination for Arbaeen 22 August 2018
Ahl al-Bayt followers in different parts of the world celebrate Eid al-Adha 22 August 2018
Educational courses for Quranic media activists begin in Iraq 21 August 2018
Iraq sentences 14 to death over Daesh Camp Speicher massacre 20 August 2018

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