Title Published Date
Iraqi court sentences 27 men to death for involvement in Speicher massacre 10 August 2017
Tiling internal and external walls of Lady Fatima courtyard reaches advanced stages. 10 August 2017
US forces attack Popular Mobilization Units base, kill 30: Report 09 August 2017
UNAMI: Grand Ayatollah Sistani is the refuge to which everyone returns 09 August 2017
Iraqi military aircraft kill 170 Daesh terrorists 07 August 2017
Report: Hundreds of civilians killed in US-led strikes in Iraq, Syria 07 August 2017
253,000 civilians have returned to Mosul, Iraqi minister says 03 August 2017
Iraq's Hashd al-Sha’abi forces retake 17 villages southeast of Tal Afar from Daesh 03 August 2017
UNAMI: 518 Iraqis killed, injured during July 03 August 2017
Rare Quran donated to al-Abbas Holy Shrine 03 August 2017
Officials: 19,000 Daesh militants, supporters in Iraq, Syria 31 July 2017
Hashd al-Sha’abi fighters to participate in liberation of Tal Afar: Abadi 31 July 2017
Seventy female Quran reciters gather in Imam Hussein Holy Shrine for skill development 31 July 2017
Maintaining dome of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine 30 July 2017
Imam Hassan al-Mojtaba Conference to be held in Iraq 27 July 2017
Annual conference for holy shrines of Iraq, Syria, and Iran to be held soon 24 July 2017
Chinese ambassador in Iraq: Imam Ali Holy Shrine source of our respect, appreciation 20 July 2017
500 Iraqi children killed, injured in the first half of 2017 17 July 2017
Advanced stages of Karbala International Airport achieved 16 July 2017
FAJ: Over 100 Iraqi journalists killed, injured covering Mosul battle 16 July 2017

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