Title Published Date
UN: 40-50 years needed to clear weapons in Iraq and Syria 06 April 2017
SRW publishes report on Anti-Shiism in the first quarter of 2017 05 April 2017
Iraqi Forces opens civilian safe passageways 04 April 2017
Arabic - third most common foreign language in Finland 03 April 2017
New holy grille to be installed soon at al-Askariyain Holy Shrine 03 April 2017
Human Rights Watchdog: ISIS using 197 kids as human shields 02 April 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine discusses holding Quranic courses in Indonesia 02 April 2017
Hundreds of thousands in Samarra for Imam al-Hadi’s martyrdom anniversary 02 April 2017
Shia world marks Imam al-Baqir birth anniversary 30 March 2017
Hashd al-Shaabi thwarts ISIS attack in west Mosul 30 March 2017
Representative of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi meets Commander of Asaeb Al-Haq Brigade 30 March 2017
Karbala International Airport to receive first airplane in 24 months 30 March 2017
Al-Askariyain holy grille to be installed soon 30 March 2017
Interpol rejects Kuwaiti request to arrest Shia Kuwaiti MP AbdulhamidDashti 29 March 2017
Iraq's holy shrines to hold Fourth Annual Cultural Week Festival in Pakistan 29 March 2017
Hundreds of thousands trapped in Mosul with 'worst yet to come' – UN agency 28 March 2017
Seminar on moderation in religion and politics in Holy Karbala, Iraq 27 March 2017
UN fears 200 died in coalition air strikes on Mosul 27 March 2017
Iraqi forces take control over ISIS command center in western Mosul 26 March 2017
HRW: ISIS dumped hundreds in mass graves in Iraq 23 March 2017

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