Title Published Date
First batch Arbaeen marchers from southern Iraq to Karbala begin 11 October 2018
Mesbah al-Hussein appeals to civil society organizations to support the request to cancel the visa for Arbaeen pilgrims 08 October 2018
Mesbah al-Hussein calls on Iraqi government to remove visa of its fees from pilgrims 07 October 2018
Baghdad citizens to march in commemoration of Imam Hussein 04 October 2018
Iraqi troops purge 14 villages in Kirkuk’s Hawija from IS remnants 03 October 2018
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to participate in intel conference at UN Headquarters 03 October 2018
Imam Hussain Museum reveals rare rug that was placed near Imam Hussain’s martyrdom site 02 October 2018
Iran, Iraq resume shipping line 01 October 2018
Completion of Imam Kadhim Courtyard Roofing Project 01 October 2018
Representative of Ayatollah Shirazi discusses with Iraqi consulate in Canada about facilitating the entry visas for Arbaeen 01 October 2018
Karbala Int’l Photography Contest begins with 600 participants 29 September 2018
Iraqi forces seize Daesh internet towers in Mosul 23 September 2018
Shias all around the world prepare to hold the self-flagellation ritual of Tatbir 20 September 2018
Group of kids disseminate message of Karbala through Muharram banners 17 September 2018
Remains of nearly two dozen Daesh commanders found in mass grave in Iraq’s Nineveh 16 September 2018
Car bomb attack kills 7, injures 30 in Iraq’s Salahuddin province 13 September 2018
Iraqi security forces bust five-strong terrorist cell in southern Kirkuk 11 September 2018
The holy city of Karbala receives the month of Muharram with black banners 11 September 2018
Iran’s Arbaeen committee ready to serve more pilgrims this year 09 September 2018
Minister meets Shia pilgrims at Taftan border on Pm directive 08 September 2018

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