Title Published Date
Um Abeeha fourth Annual Festival rewards 150 Iraqi university students 21 April 2015
Bashir village in Kirkuk liberated from IS terrorists 21 April 2015
Mandaeans says Imam Ali Holy Shrine is a safe haven to all Iraqi sects 19 April 2015
Samarra operations develop a plan to secure pilgrims of al-Askariyan upcoming pilgrimage 19 April 2015
3,000 Shia fighters reinforce Ramadi against IS assault 19 April 2015
Adam Center discuss national reconciliation and rights of victims 19 April 2015
The Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi's office in Holy Karbala rewards families of martyrs and wounded fighters of the popular mobilization forces 19 April 2015
Karbala Youth TV Channel launches short film competition 17 April 2015
“Imam Ali, peace be upon him” Quranic course concludes in Holy Karbala 16 April 2015
Bodies in the second mass grave of Speicher Base to be given to their families 16 April 2015
Car bomb blast kills 5, injures 21 in eastern Baghdad 16 April 2015
Sadiqi Institute held a ceremony for young girls who reached puberty age 16 April 2015
The Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi's office in holy Najaf receives a delegation of female teachers from the Iraqi city of Diwaniya 15 April 2015
The Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi's office in Holy Karbala distributes food aids on Iraqi army in Tikrit 15 April 2015
Iraqi forces destroy 4 IS boats while trying to sneak into al-Baghdadi district 14 April 2015
The opening of Imam Hussein Library, peace be upon him, specialized in Al Shirazi books in Holy Karbala 14 April 2015
ISIL kidnaps nearly 120 Iraqi schoolchildren in Mosul 13 April 2015
Ex-political prisoners protest in Holy Karbala against Saudi aggression on Yemen 13 April 2015
A symposium held in Baghdad on ideological deviation and its impact in Islam 12 April 2015
Preparations completed to establish memorial for martyrs of Speicher camp massacre in Iraq 12 April 2015

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