Title Published Date
Iraq launches major offensive south of Salahuddin 16 September 2014
45 ISIL terrorists, including a leading Saudi nationality killed by an airstrike in Fallujah 13 September 2014
Three martyred and nine injured in a car bomb explosion south east of Baghdad 09 September 2014
Mass grave of 23 truck drivers found in Iraq's recaptured Suleiman Bek 09 September 2014
Baghdadi's aid and dozens of ISIL terrorists killed in Tal Afar airport 09 September 2014
Senior ISIL figure killed in air strike in Tal Afar 07 September 2014
Imam Shirazi World Foundation congratulates Prince Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein 07 September 2014
Iraqi forces regain key highway north of Baghdad 04 September 2014
Iraqi army killed ISIL leader who detonated al-Askariyian Holy Shrines in Samarra 04 September 2014
Karbala police forces seize weapon cache in the outskirts of the holy city 04 September 2014
Shia-Iraqi forces approach outskirts of besieged city Amerli 03 September 2014
Iraqi Air force hits gatherings for ISIL in Amerli and kills dozens 03 September 2014
17 people martyred and wounded in explosions of two car bombs in Holy Kadhimiyah and Utaifiyya neighbourhoods of the capital Baghdad 03 September 2014
10 children martyred in Amerly, and Iraqi forces foil ISIL attack on the area 03 September 2014
Iraqi Forces Foil ISIL Attack on Dujail District 03 September 2014
Suicide bomber blows himself up in a Husseiniya, east of Baghdad 03 September 2014
Amerli's residents and fighters celebrate the end of a two-month siege 03 September 2014
Iraqi military Shia families stage a protest near parliament 03 September 2014
59 ISIL terrorists killed and six villages liberated in the way to Amerli 02 September 2014
Imam Shirazi Foundation announces joint cooperation with the Islamic- Christian Center in human rights field. 02 September 2014

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