Title Published Date
Yazidi Community delegation visits the Holy City of Karbala 24 January 2015
ISIL burns thousands of books 23 January 2015
Car explosion targeting 12 Shia volunteers in northern Baghdad 13 January 2015
Iraqi official announces liberating Mosul soon and IS terrorists flee the city 13 January 2015
Volunteer fighters manage to kill 18 IS terrorists and arrest 5 others 13 January 2015
Museum of Imam Hussein in Karbala among world’s top 10 museums 13 January 2015
IS demolishes mosques in Mosul and threatens to behead worshippers 07 January 2015
ISIL cuts Internet service in Mosul 03 January 2015
IS destroys different part of historical mosque to ground in Mosul 03 January 2015
Najaf police arrest IS family trying to infiltrate to holy Najaf 03 January 2015
Thousands hold funeral for a military commander of Mukhtar al-Thaqafi Battalion in Holy Karbala 03 January 2015
Two villages and an airport liberated in Salahuddin province 01 January 2015
Quranic course for Lebanese students in Karbala 01 January 2015
Guide book for Quran reciters published in Karbala 05 November 2014
Eminent Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi's office in Najaf visits Husseini processions in the city 05 November 2014
At least 24 martyred in Baghdad bomb blasts 03 November 2014
Millions to mourn martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein 03 November 2014
Shia Rights Watch praises Christians and Mandaeans' stances in Ashura 03 November 2014
Baghdad Operations Command foil terrorist plot to flood Baghdad 01 November 2014
Iraqi soldiers set up first Husseini procession in Jurf al-Sakhar 01 November 2014

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