Title Published Date
UN fears 200 died in coalition air strikes on Mosul 27 March 2017
Iraqi forces take control over ISIS command center in western Mosul 26 March 2017
HRW: ISIS dumped hundreds in mass graves in Iraq 23 March 2017
GKF and CAI visit holy Karbala to offer medical assistance 23 March 2017
Al-Rasul al-AthamCultural Institution runs charitable activities 22 March 2017
12 civilians injured by ISISchemical attack in Mosul 21 March 2017
New ceiling of al-Abbas Holy Shrine revealed 20 March 2017
Najaf International Book Fair concludes activities 20 March 2017
New holy grille of Maytham al-Tammar unveiled 18 March 2017
Opening ceremony of Ansaral-Hussein Islamic Center in Babylon, Iraq 16 March 2017
Iraqi people condemn international silence over Damascus terrorist attack 16 March 2017
German police shut down mosque linked to extremists 16 March 2017
The First International Media Conference in Karbala 16 March 2017
Mosul ISIS battle: Mass grave found at Badoush prison, Iraqi forces say 13 March 2017
“Saeed ibn Jubair” Int’l Quranic Festival launches in Iraq 09 March 2017
Delegates from Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Office meet members of Islamic Action Organization 09 March 2017
Imam Hussein TV Group awarded in Holy Karbala 09 March 2017
Mosul battle: Troops retake main government office 08 March 2017
Rare manuscripts displayed for the first time in Holy Karbala 08 March 2017
More than 210 publishing houses taking part in Najaf International Book Fair 07 March 2017

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