Title Published Date
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation calls to help the needy in Iraq in light of the coronavirus pandemic 31 March 2020
World Health Organization: Iraq adopts transparency in coronavirus that many countries lack 29 March 2020
Three Iraqi civilians killed in Diyala armed attack 24 March 2020
Ministry of Health: Coronavirus infection rates in Iraq do not exceed 15 per day 23 March 2020
Shia Rights Watch commends the efforts of the administration of holy shrines in Iraq 21 March 2020
Arrest of two suspects involved in the Tuz Khurmato market bombing 18 March 2020
Terrorist admits hoarding ISIS propaganda sent almost £2,700 to help 'fighter brothers' in Iraq, court hears 12 March 2020
Iraqi Ministry of Health reveals number of recovered cases of coronavirus in Iraq 12 March 2020
10 people with close ties to the ISIS terrorist leader arrested and killed in an airdrop operation in Iraq 25 February 2020
Campaign to add Iraq to the Guinness World Records as the country with the most martyrs 24 February 2020
Uzbekistan arrests 21 people suspected of links to ISIS in Iraq and Syria 19 February 2020
Iran announces the resumption of pilgrims’ caravans by land to holy shrines in Iraq through the Mehran Border 19 February 2020
The Chinese ambassador confirms that the Chinese workers in Iraq are free of coronavirus 09 February 2020
Iraq closes 900 ISIS websites 22 January 2020
The Iraqi judiciary authenticates the confessions of six terrorists who created hideouts in the Anbar desert 21 January 2020
Iraqi Security Media Cell announces the arrest of six ISIS terrorists 19 January 2020
Iraq: Launching the third operation of Ali Wali Allah to liberate Hatra 11 January 2020
Iraq: Mosque under construction bombed near Mandali district in Diyala 07 January 2020
Mass grave found in Iraq for ISIS victims 10 December 2019
Pakistani citizen sent thousands of saplings to Iraq to provide shade to Arbaeen pilgrims 01 December 2019


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