Title Published Date
9 injured as bus carrying Iranian pilgrims in Iraq attacked 04 February 2019
A Kuwaiti filmmaker visited Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 30 January 2019
Clerics, seminary teachers, and students visit Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 29 January 2019
Religious activists from Hoveyzeh City meet with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 27 January 2019
30 convert to Islam at Hazrat Masoumeh Holy Shrine in Qom 27 January 2019
Members of Karbalayis Society from Mashhad visited Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 26 January 2019
Ayatollah Shirazi’s Post Fiqh lessons in holy Qom suspended during Fatimiyah days 20 January 2019
Religious activists visited Grand Jurist’s office in holy Qom 08 January 2019
The Janatul Mahdi Quranic Association visit Grand Ayatollah Shirazi office in Asfahan 31 December 2018
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi calls for reforming Iraq to become a model for the world 19 December 2018
900-year-old copy of Quran unveiled 19 December 2018
Muslims in Islamic and non-Islamic countries mark Lady Fatima al-Ma'suma martyrdom anniversary 19 December 2018
Board Manager of Shaaer TV Meets with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 09 December 2018
Religious Activist from Canada Meets with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 08 December 2018
Deadly car bomb attack hits Iran's SE port city of Chabahar 06 December 2018
Representatives of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Meet in Grand Jurist’s house in Qom 06 December 2018
Centuries-Old Quran manuscripts restored in Iran’s Kurdistan 05 December 2018
Shias celebrate the arrival anniversary of Lady Fatima al-Ma'suma to holy Qom 02 December 2018
Members of Bamyan city council visit Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 28 November 2018
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi has delivered a speech on prophet’s martyrdom anniversary 08 November 2018


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