Title Published Date
Old Quran manuscript on display in Egypt 20 July 2017
Free Muslim: Egypt is responsible for the safety and security of detained Uighur students 10 July 2017
SRW denounces hostile practices against Shias in Egypt 06 June 2017
Egyptian artist hopes for record with 700-meter Quran 09 May 2017
Free Muslim: Egypt bombings are evidence of ISIS’ deviation 12 April 2017
Egyptian Scholar: Sahih Muslim and al-Bukhari are false 18 March 2017
Calls to close Shia media outlets in Egypt 13 February 2017
SRW condemns Egyptian authorities’ confiscation of Shia books 06 February 2017
Sahaba Coalition starts an 'Egypt Free of Shia books' campaign 06 February 2017
Egyptian authorities confiscate Shia books and closes publishing houses 05 February 2017
300 thousand Egyptians mark arrival of Imam Hussein holy head to Cairo 30 January 2017
Most expensive piece of cloth gifted to Imam Hussein 10 January 2017
Imam Hussein Mosque closed to bar Shiites from observing Ashura holiday 13 October 2016
Cairo University students dismiss Egypt’s Mufti from the university campus 01 September 2016
Iraq’s oldest female Quran teacher honored at Imam Ali Holy Shrine 25 July 2016
Egyptian court puts Morsi on terrorist list for first time 09 July 2016
Egypt sentences ex-President Morsi to life on espionage charges 20 June 2016
“Jesus in Quran and Bible” Exhibition in Greece 03 May 2016
Iraqi football player nears contract termination by Egyptian club because of his faith 01 March 2016
Imprisonment for the killers of Shaikh Hassan Shahata 29 February 2016

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