Title Published Date
Drone strike target ISIS vehicle in Nangarhar leaving at least 7 dead 13 December 2018
Afghan forces repulse ISIS attacks in two districts of Kunar province 12 December 2018
Explosion heard in Kabul 11 December 2018
Taliban commander Mullah Nusrat killed with his 11 fighters in Faryab 10 December 2018
Afghan Special forces rescue 11 people from a Taliban prison in Helmand 09 December 2018
Taliban commander and his comrades killed in Faryab province 08 December 2018
At least 40 Taliban terrorists killed in Ghazni operations 06 December 2018
Several militants killed in Tagab district of Kapisa province 04 December 2018
Taliban militants kidnap 60 coal mine drivers in Samangan province 03 December 2018
Militants suffer casualties in Badakhshan airstrike 02 December 2018
Around 70 militants killed, wounded in 4-day operations in Kunduz 01 December 2018
Afghan government to negotiate peace with Taliban 29 November 2018
16 militants killed, wounded in Nawid-25 operations in Balkh province 28 November 2018
Members of Bamyan city council visit Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 28 November 2018
At least 22 Afghan police killed in Taliban ambush 26 November 2018
ISIS-K spokesman killed in Afghan Special Forces operation in Nangarhar 26 November 2018
Dozens of militants have been killed or wounded during the operations in northern Balkh and Faryab provinces, the Afghan Military in the North said. 26 November 2018
MPs call for tighter security in Jaghori and Malistan 22 November 2018
51 ISIS militants killed in Haska Mina district: Afghan Military 21 November 2018
Taliban’s Red Unit fighters and militants suffer heavy casualties in Nangarhar 20 November 2018

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