Title Published Date
Eighty-two ISIS terrorists killed in Afghanistan 30 December 2015
Strong earthquake rattles parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan leaving dozens injured 26 December 2015
Afghan troops fighting Taliban for key district in Helmand 24 December 2015
Taliban terrorists seize district in southern Afghanistan 21 December 2015
Haqqani weapons depot seized in Logar and three suspects arrested 06 December 2015
Afghan security forces detain 11 terrorists in Kunduz Province 02 December 2015
ISIS kidnaps 30 Shias in Afghanistan 22 November 2015
Thousands attend funerals of beheaded Afghan Shias 14 November 2015
Thousands protest over murdered Hazaras in Afghanistan 11 November 2015
Afghan President condemns slayings of Shias by Takfiri groups 10 November 2015
Unidentified armed men torch girls’ school in Afghanistan's Logar 02 November 2015
Daesh-fired rocket hits mosque in Afghanistan, leaving six worshippers martyred 01 November 2015
IHTV Group release a statement on Afghanistan- Pakistan earthquake 28 October 2015
Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake leaves hundreds dead 27 October 2015
Car bombing kills four and injures dozens in Kabul 16 September 2015
Course on Quranic journalism underway 15 September 2015
Gunmen kill 13 Hazara Shias on a minibus 06 September 2015
Three Pakistani police killed in raid targeting Taliban 03 September 2015
Afghan forces retake Musa Qala District and 220 Taliban killed and wounded 30 August 2015
Afghan army kills 110 Taliban insurgents in Musa Qala clashes 29 August 2015

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