Title Published Date
Brother, uncle of former Pakistani Taliban's chief among six surrendering to government 21 June 2016
Pakistan must take practical steps against Haqqani network, Taliban 14 June 2016
Twelve people killed, 50 kidnapped in Afghan highway attacks 09 June 2016
US drone strike in Pakistan kills Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor 24 May 2016
Afghan power project prompts Hazara protest in Kabul 24 May 2016
Afghan MPs warn government for changing TUTAP route from Bamyan to Salang 15 May 2016
Deadly suicide bomb hits Kabul, 200 people killed, injured 01 May 2016
Afghan teacher brings books by bicycle to children in isolated places 25 April 2016
Suicide bombing kills dozen of Afghan army recruits 18 April 2016
Afghanistan earthquake shakes major cities 17 April 2016
Afghan forces retake Helmand’s Khanshin district 30 March 2016
Afghanistan: Taliban child soldier recruitment surges 20 February 2016
Taliban militants kill at least six Afghan security personnel 15 February 2016
Suicide bomber strikes Afghan market, killing 5 08 February 2016
ISIS 'Voice of the Caliphate' radio station destroyed in Afghanistan 04 February 2016
Security forces in Afghanistan arrests 7 involved in Kabul attacks 03 February 2016
Ten killed and 10 others injured in Afghanistan bomb blast 03 February 2016
Bomb attack kills 13 and injures 14 others in eastern Afghanistan 17 January 2016
Afghan terrorists surrender in northern town of Darqad 16 January 2016
Quran competition held in Kabul 14 January 2016

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