Title Published Date
ISIS militants abduct de-miners in Kunar province 19 July 2018
54 freed in Afghan raid on Taliban prison in Helmand 18 July 2018
Civilian deaths in Afghanistan hit record high: UN 17 July 2018
New militant attack in Kabul leaves 10 killed or injured 16 July 2018
Coordinated attack on education directorate in Jalalabad city 11 July 2018
Suicide attack in Jalalabad city leaves 10 dead, 4 wounded 10 July 2018
Afghan forces destroy key daesh stronghold in Nangarhar 08 July 2018
Members of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi’s Office Visit Hazarajat in Afghanistan 07 July 2018
3 members of ISIS-K urban network arrested in Jalalabad city 05 July 2018
Daesh bomb plotters arrested in Nangarhar 04 July 2018
Deadly explosion hits Afghanistan's Jalalabad 02 July 2018
Ghani declares end to truce with Taliban, renews call for peace 01 July 2018
Half a million widows in Afghanistan, number is increasing 26 June 2018
Prominent Shia cleric martyred in Herat, Afghanistan 24 June 2018
Taliban kill 30 Afghan soldiers in first major attack since ceasefire 20 June 2018
Afghan peace marchers address demands to President Ghani in Kabul 20 June 2018
Afghans sorry to see end of three-day ceasefire 18 June 2018
Airstrike target ISIS weapons, munitions depot in Nangarhar, 3 militants killed 16 June 2018
Afghan Taliban attack police HQs despite govt. truce 13 June 2018
At least 13 people killed in Daesh bomb attack in Kabul 12 June 2018

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