Title Published Date
Militants brutally kill up to 50 civilians in Shia Afghan village: Reports 07 August 2017
Taliban seize key area in north Afghanistan: Local official 07 August 2017
Suicide bombers target Shia mosque in Herat city 03 August 2017
Taliban commander and five militants killed in Nangarhar 03 August 2017
Taliban blow up dam with explosives in Kandahar 31 July 2017
Taliban militants kill 26 Afghan troops in raid on Kandahar army base 27 July 2017
Blast in Kabul’s Shia-populated area kills over 20 24 July 2017
Taliban abduct several, kill seven civilians in southern Afghanistan 24 July 2017
US air raid kills 15 Afghan troops in Helmand 23 July 2017
Taliban militants kill five policemen in northern Afghanistan 19 July 2017
Bombing kills 2 paramilitary forces in Pakistan 17 July 2017
Afghan official: Gunmen abduct, kill 7 civilians from a bus 13 July 2017
Taliban deaths exceeds 60 in ongoing operations in Helmand province 08 July 2017
Taliban kills 13 in Afghanistan’s Balkh Province 04 July 2017
Four killed in bomb blast in northwestern Pakistan 03 July 2017
Airstrike in Helmand leaves six militants dead and four others wounded 01 July 2017
Twelve militants killed, seven hideouts destroyed in Nangarhar airstrike 29 June 2017
Coordinated suicide attack on bank in Helmand province 23 June 2017
Heavy explosion heard in Jalalabad city of Afghanistan 22 June 2017
Explosion in Jalalabad city leaves a judge dead, three civilians wounded 21 June 2017

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