Title Published Date
ISIS-allied militants abduct and kill 30 civilians in Afghanistan, including children 27 October 2016
Afghan Forces detain truck with over 2,200 pounds of explosives 27 October 2016
Four 'militants' involved in killing Shias, security officials arrested in Karachi 22 October 2016
‏More children dying from conflict in Afghanistan 20 October 2016
ISIS to send 7,000 terrorists to Afghanistan 16 October 2016
More than 200 police and soldiers killed in last 10 days, Afghan officials say 16 October 2016
Worshippers marking Ashura shot dead in Kabul 13 October 2016
Kunduz assault: Afghan forces 'in control of city' 04 October 2016
UN condemns killing of at least 15 civilians in US drone strike in Afghanistan 01 October 2016
Afghan forces kill top Pakistani Taliban commander 28 September 2016
Afghan Special Forces free 101 innocent inmatesfrom Taliban-held prison 27 September 2016
Helmand: Five Afghan local police killed in Taliban attack 18 September 2016
Bomb attack kills 25 in northwest Pakistan mosque 17 September 2016
Gunmen storm Kandahar's Mirwais Hospital 14 September 2016
Casualties reported in twin blasts near Afghan Defense Ministry 05 September 2016
Bus, fuel-tanker crash kills 50 in Afghanistan 04 September 2016
Afghan official: Two killed in Taliban bomb attack 01 September 2016
Eight Taliban militants and ISIS members arrested in eastern Afghanistan 31 August 2016
UN: one million Afghan children are malnourished 30 August 2016
Terrorist militants of Taliban attack the Shia majority populated city of Sangcharak 28 August 2016

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