Title Published Date
Twenty-eight ISIS militants killed in Nangarhar airstrikes and ground operations 27 April 2017
140 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack on army base in Mazar-I-Sharif 22 April 2017
Around 2,000kg of explosives seized in Kabul 19 April 2017
Eleven Afghan civilians killed in Helmand bomb blast 17 April 2017
250ISIS Militants killed in Hamza Operation 13 April 2017
19 ISIS militants killed in Afghan commandos operation in Nangarhar 12 April 2017
57 insurgents including ISIS militants killed in Afghan Forces Operations 10 April 2017
Fifteen ISIS militants killed during Hamza operations in East of Afghanistan 09 April 2017
Pakistan resumes repatriating Afghan refugees despite criticism 06 April 2017
Civilians suffer casualties in Afghan Special Forces operation in Helmand 05 April 2017
Afghan forces and civilians suffer casualties in Khost car bombing 03 April 2017
Airstrikes kill 33 ISIS militants in East of Afghanistan 28 March 2017
Afghan intelligence arrest six involved in major terrorist activities in Herat 27 March 2017
26 ISIS militants and weapons depot eliminated in East of Afghanistan 23 March 2017
Afghan needy families receive heating facilities 21 March 2017
63 militants killed in past one week in Nangarhar: Gen. Rahimi 20 March 2017
Afghan Special Forces free dozens from Taliban prison 15 March 2017
Twenty-six insurgents killed in counter-terrorism operations 14 March 2017
Deadly attack on Afghan hospital 09 March 2017
Kabul military hospital comes under attack 09 March 2017

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