Center for collecting ancient Qurans to be established in Pakistan

The Pakistani government has announced that it is establishing a center for collecting and restoring ancient Quranic manuscripts in the capital, Islamabad.

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Tolerance in Pakistan Sahibzadeh Nurul Haqqadri said that the government is working to establish a Quranic group in the capital, Islamabad.

He added, “The government wants to preserve and maintain the Quranic manuscripts,” adding that his ministry is working to restore the old Quran papers in an organized and safe way to protect them from any error.”

He continued, "Currently, it is forbidden to print the Holy Quran using low-quality paper, the Quran can only be printed using high-quality paper at a standard weight."

It is reported that the Quranic Council in the Pakistani city of Lahore has opened a center for collecting ancient Qurans.

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