Turkish Photographer Takes Pictures of Places Mentioned in Quran

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A photographer from Turkey is on a mission to take document the 200 places whose names have been mentioned in the Holy Quran.

This project is my dream that I pursued for many years,” said Orhan Turgut. 

Turgut added that no one has ever collected pictures of all those places in one artwork, and therefore his work is considered the first such project.

The Turkish photographer has succeeded in photographing nearly 40 places so far, in several countries including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria.

He believes that the photo archive will be an important heritage for future generations, explaining that he has a huge archive of photos that includes 100 thousand pictures of Mecca and Medina, and another for Islamic cities in general, in addition to a special archive for his country, Turkey.

Turgut is considering having an institute that includes all of this archive of photos, indicating the need for some support to continue this art project.