Muslims to distribute 10,000 Quran copies in Norway after burning attempt

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In the aftermath of a Quran desecration incident in Norway, three Muslim organizations will distribute thousands of free copies of the Holy Book to Norwegians in an attempt to prevent future instances. 

According to the newspaper Vårt Land, the three organizations- Norwegian Muslim Arts and Culture Association, the Islamic Literature Association and the Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque - together will distribute a total of 10,000 copies of the Quran with Norwegian translation to the citizens. 

The religious community has stands at various places in Oslo, the capital, where they will distribute the Qurans. 

It is in response to the burning of a copy of the Quran by SIAN (Stop Islamization of Norway) during a demonstration that took place just over two weeks ago in the Muslim-populated city of Kristiansand. 

The Quran burning incident drew worldwide condemnation.

Norwegian Muslims have also organized a Holy Quran recitation event in the street to spread tolerance and mercy of Islam.