624-year-old Mosque of Aali Masjid restored by Indian government


Termed as the second biggest mosque in Srinagar, the Aali Masjid is known for its unique architecture, 156 deodar columns, six stepped pulpit made of devri stone and wooden pinjrakari work.

The mosque has gone through the phases of destruction and rebuilding during its 624 years of existence. However, at present the mosque is confronted with new challenges causing it to slowly lose its sheen. The insensitive interventions undertaken by the local mosque committee has played havoc with its aesthetic value. Together with lack of maintenance and attempts to grab the prized land, the historical place is in grave danger.

The mosque, which was abandoned for more than 30 years, was finally restored by the government with the help of INTACH and since then has been regularly used by devotees.

According to traditional Kashmiri historical references, Ali Masjid or as it is commonly called Aali Masjid was constructed in 1395 by Sultan Ali Shah, the seventh Sultan of Kashmir.


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