Anniversary of Imam Hussein’s departure from Medina to Karbala observed



Shia Muslims observed anniversary of departure of Imam Hussein (AS), his family and relatives from Medina to Karbala via Mecca (Makkah) on 28th Rajab, across the world.

Mourning processions and congregations were held around the world where Shia Muslims are settled. The annual sacred mourn began from the night between Rajab 28 and 27 and it continued till sunset on Rajab 28.

Shia Islamic scholars spoke on the Umayyad dynastic tyrant’s atrocities which the progeny of Prophet of Islam and Humanity and their supporters or other opponents of Umayyad un-Islamic cruel despotism, faced in Medina, Makkah, Kufa, Basra and finally Imam Hussein and his loyal companions, including relatives, friends and supporters were massacred in the sweltering desert of Karbala in present-day Iraq on 10th Muharram, 61 A.H., some five months and 12 days after his departure from Medina.     

When despotic Yazid was imposed as hereditary monarch by founder of Umayyad dynastic tyranny over Muslims and eminent notables were forced to allegiance to Yazid, Imam Hussein turned down threats and blackmailing and had to leave his Medina city along with his family and close relatives.

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