Arms seized from an empty house in Karachi raid


Two suspects affiliated with the Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) South Africa network were taken into custody by the Rangers during a raid in North Karachi Sector III on Tuesday.

On information provided by the suspects, the paramilitary force also raided an empty house in Azizabad and seized a large cache of arms and ammunition.

The seized items included around 40 weapons, 17 kilogrammes of plastic explosives, 350 hand grenades, more than 100 rockets, Avan bombs and launchers and more than 42,000 bullets.

The suspects were identified as Mustaqeem and Muqeem. Rangers spokesperson said the suspects were constantly in touch with the MQM South Africa  network. They had gone into hiding after a raid on the party’s head office, Nine Zero, in March, 2015.



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