SRW: Terrorist Taliban commit horrific massacre against Afghan Shias


Shia Rights Watch International Organization's sources indicate that the Taliban terrorist group committed a horrific massacre against the Shias in the villages of the Afghan region of Uruzgan after the recent break-in.

The sources said "several Shia villages in the area were attacked by terrorist groups" and that "they were able to control the village of Husseini, Kandlan and Sanjak, killing and capturing more than 300 families."

The sources pointed out that the terrorist elements committed brutal executions against 42 citizens in cold blood, including a number of women and children, while more than 700 families were forced to flee to the area to Malastan, which is also subject to rocket and artillery shelling.

The organization holds the Afghan authorities and international coalition forces, the legal and humanitarian responsibility for the massacres against Afghan Shias, demanding a swift action to free the hostages and re-liberate those villages, as well as prosecuting members of the criminal organizations for killing women and children.


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