Shias continue mourning procession despite firing, stone pelting


Shia mourners culminate Chehlum Azadari precession despite attacks, stone-pelting and firing upon them in New Karachi, Pakistan late Wednesday night that continued until wee hours Thursday. 

A local mourning procession is brought out in sector 5-E New Karachi on 21 Safar every year which culminates at Imam Bargah/Masjid-e-Nabwi in sector 5-E passing through its traditional route via Sindhi Hotel.

Unfortunately, a group of protesters had blocked the road that was included in the route of the mourning procession that was brought out to commemorate the Chehlum of Imam Hussain (AS) anniversary. When the azadari procession reached the point, the protesters refused to vacate the road for the annual procession and instead, some fanatics reportedly hailing from outlawed militant takfiri outfit hijacked the protesters. They opened fire upon the mourners and also pelted them with stones.

Police cops deployed to guard the annual azadari procession failed to disperse the protesters and regretted on one point that they cannot provide security to azadars. Some Shia notables belonging to different parties and notably eminent religious scholar Allama Talib Johari rushed to the spot and began leading the azadari procession.


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