SRW: Terrorism is annihilating Afghan Shias again



"Once again, the Shia Muslims in Afghanistan are cold-bloodedly killed by the evil terrorists to strengthen the international community's documents of violations and the war of genocide against the Shias in a country that has failed to secure the safety of its citizens," Shia Rights Watch in International Organization said.

"The bloody terrorism struck the mosque of Imam al-Zaman in the Afghan town of Kredes left 37 martyrs and more than 100 injured when two terrorists opened fire indiscriminately at the worshipers before detonating themselves in the center of the mosque," the statement added.

The statement continued, "The Organization, as it complains with sorrow to the Almighty, calls on the Afghan authorities and the international community alike to work to stop the massacres against Shias in some countries, especially in the Republic of Afghanistan, where terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and ISIS are heavily active."

The statement pointed out that "the Shias since the emergence of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS are being subjected to an organized campaign of genocide that did not exclude children, women and the elderly, without any deterrent to those groups or an effective respond for what it have committed against unarmed civilians.


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