Ex-chairman senate asks why banned terrorist outfits allowed contesting elections



Former chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Mian Raza Rabbani has asked the caretaker government to clarify how and why banned terrorist outfits’ leaders were being allowed to contest Elections 2018.

"What will the atmosphere of the parliament look like if even 25 of such people are elected?" he questioned.

Rabbani also complained that while orders to arrest political workers were "being implemented swiftly", there was silence on the Mastung incident.

Rabbani also lamented that the state was still continuing on its past course, and warned that "engineered elections are ringing the alarm for the federation".

He complained that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership is being hindered from campaigning.

"The Election Commission [of Pakistan] is sleeping," he said, asking why no action was being taken even though the PPP had named the persons pressurising its candidates to switch allegiances.

"Will the interior minister again say that those who were attacked were not on the list of those facing security threats?" he wondered.


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